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Best gifts for the upcoming season they will love!

Chalk Couture and Creative Memories have some great DIY gift ideas for the upcoming season!

Graduation, Fathers Day and Weddings are coming up and I have some great gift ideas and why DIY gifts are the best!


First lets look at the reasons why DIY gifts are the best! 

DIY gifts  take more time and can be more personal making them more thoughtful for the recipient. Include a favorite saying, name, color or pattern and you have a personalized gift.

Plus you get to use your creative juices and give your brain some more exercise. Creating something can be therapeutic or a time to get away from our busy schedules. It’s great to have any excuse to do what we love. You have creative talents – share them! Finishing a creative project can give you such a sense of accomplishment right? Seeing somebody wear, use, or display what you created them, can give us that same feeling!

No one can compete with your gift and there won’t be another like it and we all have that “hard to shop for” person in our lives right? When you give handmade you can choose to create a one-of-a-kind gift that is unique to that person. Sometimes it’s nice to wear or have something that nobody else has! Just think, it could be a masterpiece worth millions and will be a gift that is treasured.

There have been times when I will purchase something and it falls apart or even breaks during shipping. When you make your own gift you determine the quality by choosing the best supplies, techniques, etc..

I LOVE the surprise factor when giving a gift! Handmade gifts can bring tears, laughter, jaw-dropping expressions and so much more


Chalk Couture reusable transfers can be used on nearly any surface and we have some great ones for grads, dads and newly weds. So easy and can be done in minutes! The options are endless when you can use this product on chalk boards, wood boards, glass, mirrors, cups, glasses and clothes just to name a few. Since the transfers are reusable you can use them on multiple gifts!

Ceremony Sides

$39.99 USD



– Are wedding bells in someone’s future? The Ceremony Slides Transfer allows you to create a personal sentiment with a quote to bring guests together. Pairs well with framed boards (18″ × 24″), Hanging Banner (21″ x 29″), and Suddenly You Became My Everything Transfer.

02-000000-ProductNameSuddenly You Became My Everything  $24.99 USD



– Need some lovey-dovey? Vintage flowers pair with a brush script to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, and all things romance. Pairs well with framed boards (9″ × 12″), Pallet Sign (9″ × 12″), and Ceremony Sides Transfer.


8.5″ x 11″ 


– Whether you’re a dad or know someone special who is, show your pride in livin’ the dad life with this cut-apart design.



Creative Memories also has some great creative and personal gift ideas!

ever-after-wedding-scrapbook-kit-creative-memories-656828-01_1Ever After Gift Box Bundle $80.50

Create the perfect wedding memory book with the Ever After Gift Box Bundle. Inspired by the rustic elegance of outdoor and DIY weddings, greenery and antique botanicals, this 12×12 premade wedding scrapbook kit gives newlyweds an easy way to document their journey together. It features a stunning Sage album cover with a gold foiled “Forever” design, 16 preprinted pages with beautiful, delicate designs in a palette of sage greens and warm honey browns with pops of red, matching Ever After Laser Cut Frames embellishments, the Creative Memories Tape Runner and a Brown Dual-Tip Pen to make saving memories easier than ever. It’s perfect for all things wedding: engagements, wedding showers, ceremony and reception, honeymoon, anniversaries and everyday occurrences like picnics, field trips, showcasing gardens and country-chic living.everyday-photo-decor-kit-photo-project-creative-memories-657014-01

Everyday Photo Décor Kit $20.00

Share magical everyday moments with friends and loved ones with the Everyday Photo Décor Kit. This crafty photo project kit includes all you need to create three photo décor cards, including pre-cut and pre-packaged die cut photo frames, additional decorative pieces and stickers, three double-sided 8×6 card bases and three wooden stands for displaying your finished masterpieces. You can either follow the super-easy instructions or mix and match the pieces to make your own. You’ll love this kit for sending photo greeting cards, giving as gifts or decorating your home or office with special photos – just create your photo card and slide it into the wooden base to display!

Don’t forget all our plain albums as well! Whether you give completed albums or everything needed to make one these are GREAT gift options!


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You know you are enjoying spring time in Colorado when….

Spring time in Colorado

If you are like me, spring time isn’t my favorite. Although it does bring a whole host of exciting new things after a long winter (gardening, baseball, spring cleaning and extra daylight) spring is the most bi-polar of the Colorado seasons and likes to tease.  Here is how you know spring has arrived in Colorado…..


1. You may be tempted to wash the winter off your windows but you  might want to wait. Rain and wind are a given in spring time and I for one hate that chore and prefer to do it maybe twice a year at the most.




2. Speaking of wind….. That’s right, every day you can guarantee we will have 10 to 15 mph winds but more often we have gusts that tempt to blow the roof off. If you are from Norwood, you know that the wind will last until the snow is melted off the cone, usually mid June.




515087a6ba01e.image3. You can bank on the fact that we will get AT LEAST one more blizzard. Easter and Mother’s day plans are always depending on whether we will have a foot of snow or not.  


Spring time in colorado (3)

4. Mud…..Need I say more?

5. You have to dress in layers so you can strip them off through out the day. If you wear appropriate clothes in the morning, long sleeves and pants, you will be cooking by 2pm. All you want to wear is shorts and flip flops but those will have to wait. Love my hoodies!!


6. Baseball is in full swing and you need to be prepared for every weather possibility. It could be rainy, snowy, or 90 degrees but you can plan on the wind. The car is packed and prepared for anything, umbrellas, blankets, sunscreen….

Spring time in colorado (4)

7. Last but not least…. the lovely spring time allergies! Itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, nasal congestion, wheezing, all the lovely reactions some unlucky folks get from grass, weed, or tree pollen. I have to say I only have to deal with this in the mildest of forms but feel for serious allergy sufferers. 

As I said, spring is such a tease. One day you may have beautiful warm summer weather and you think this is it, we have made it through! But no, the next day you could be back to winter with a couple inches of snow. I know, I know, we need the moisture but I for one cannot wait for summer heat!

What’s your favorite, or not so favorite, thing about spring?

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For the Love of Baseball – Top 8 Reasons to Appreciate Baseball Mommas

We celebrated National Scrapbook Day this past weekend and while working on my boys’ sports pages, I realized how lucky I am that they are active in sports and I also decided we needed to be appreciated a little more for all us sports mommas do! It is hard work! Since it’s baseball season here are the top 8 reasons why we should be appreciated as baseball Mommas!

#1 – Baseball Mommas can throw a concessions stand together in no time and are always willing to sell hot dogs and hamburgers to a hungry crowd. When baseball moms hear that concessions is needed for a game they rally the troops, gather the materials and make sure no one is left hungry or thirsty for a home game.

#2 – Baseball Mommas know how to get grass stains out of anything! Including white pants! They have perfected the evening routine of cleaning uniforms to their former pristine condition despite the mud and grass stains, amazing coaches and players alike.

#3 – Baseball Mommas don’t even notice or care if one extra boy is around. They are used to at least 5 of them running around at all times of the day and they are always hungry. Baseball Mommas will keep the whole team fed, clothes cleaned and give them a nice place to sleep if they need it, without batting an eye. They have a safe space for team dinners, video games and overnights, and they drive vehicles big enough to hold them all.

#4 – Baseball Mommas have bleacher butt and yes that is a thing. They pack around chairs, towels, blankets and even plan what pants/shorts they will wear to try and make those bleachers just a little more comfortable for those 4 plus hours of watching their favorite team play baseball.

#5 – Baseball Mommas know how to doctor a concessions hamburger or hotdog to make it taste like a delicacy. After so many meals at the ball field and concessions food being their diet, they have perfected the art.

#6 – Baseball Mommas love sunflower seeds. They are the perfect tool to keep their mouths quiet when all they want to do is yell at the coach, ref or other parent for what ever crime they may have committed at the time, whether it be a bad call, benching their child or yelling at their favorite ball player. They also keep them from snacking unnecessarily since they get pretty nervous when their player is up to bat. And of course, Spits are the best.

#7 – Baseball Mommas have literally EVERYTHING in their vehicles or bags for EVERY eventuality. Rain? No problem. Snow? No problem. Heat? No problem. Headache? No problem. You need something, umbrellas, blankets, gloves, sunscreen, advil, they got it. Prepared for EVERYTHING!

#8 – Baseball Mommas love the last game of the season. Yes! They love watching their player and his teammates accomplish great goals but they also enjoy free time, not having bleacher butt and dinner that doesn’t include a paper plate and a small bag of chips. Some baseball mommas don’t even like being outside so they enjoy the moment when they are free to do some inside activities. They love traveling to far off places to play one or two very long games but they also love not filling their vehicle with gas every other day.

I know I appreciate all the baseball Mommas out there who keep my child when he wants to have an overnight, needs a ride to a game or practice, feeds or cheers for him when I am not able to be there or is my partner in a long double header. I have always said that it takes a village to raise good kids and I think baseball might be that village. Thank a baseball Momma!

Have any additions to my list? I would love to hear what you think.

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The newest and most innovative direct selling company has some fabulous options to get you started and excited about crafting and DIY home decor!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post! 

I hate writing and really need to get better at it so I thought this would be a great way to not only work on that skill, but also get some info and content out to all my peeps. Bear with me and constructive criticism is welcome, just be nice. LOL

One question I get often about Chalk Couture is, “Do we have a starter kit?” I thought this week we would talk about the different options this growing home décor company has available for people wanting to get started.


Option #1  – Club Couture – Offering nonstop inspiration, you can have creativity delivered right to your door every month when you sign up for a 3 month minimum subscription for just $19.99 per month with FREE shipping. Receive an exclusive, on trend and in season B sized Chalk Transfer of the month, only available to Club Couture members, 3 paste singles and step by step instructions to complete the project on the surface of your choice. You also get in on exclusive discounts, bounce-back opportunities and secret sales. You will be billed on the 5th of every month and can cancel any time after the initial 3 months. When you subscribe you’ll see two additional purchase options, only available when you initially enroll. You may either ClubCouture_KickStartKitpurchase the current month’s Club Couture for $19.99 (plus shipping) or the Kickstart Kit at a discounted price of $69.99 (plus shipping). This kit contains additional supplies to make life easy when creating an entire project and includes: small squeegee, 2 board erasers, a multi-tool, bright white paste and a couple of surfaces.

2019-03_celebrations-chalkbox-thisisusOption #2 – Chalk Box Kits – These kits vary in price from $19.99 – $57.99 and include EVERYTHING you need to complete an entire project. Usually a surface, paste or ink, and one transfer, these kits are on trend and in season and are sure to enhance your home décor. Currently we have 4 options available and more coming with every product launch.


2019-03_summer-starterkit-US_CAOption #3 – Sign up to be a Designer –  Chalk Couture is changing the walls and halls from drab décor to wonderful wows and we’re the hottest trend in creativity and DIY. Join us and create your own kind of beautiful! Whether you love Chalk Couture and would like the designer discount or want to share the love and maybe earn some extra money this is a GREAT option! For $99 you get $250 in product PLUS a 50% off coupon to use on your first order. From then on you receive a 40% discount and access to the ability to add to your income if you choose. Minimum to stay active is just $150 per quarter.

So many options! There really is something for everyone at every level of commitment and creativity. This company has enhanced my life in so many ways. I am so passionate about sharing it and would love to have you join me at whatever level you are comfortable with. Contact me for more info or to get started and you can always visit my website


So, that was my first blog…..Hope it wasn’t too boring and I didn’t have too many grammatical errors etc. LOL Thank you all so much for sharing and I appreciate your support. I will catch you next time!

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