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You know you are enjoying spring time in Colorado when….

Spring time in Colorado

If you are like me, spring time isn’t my favorite. Although it does bring a whole host of exciting new things after a long winter (gardening, baseball, spring cleaning and extra daylight) spring is the most bi-polar of the Colorado seasons and likes to tease.  Here is how you know spring has arrived in Colorado…..


1. You may be tempted to wash the winter off your windows but you  might want to wait. Rain and wind are a given in spring time and I for one hate that chore and prefer to do it maybe twice a year at the most.




2. Speaking of wind….. That’s right, every day you can guarantee we will have 10 to 15 mph winds but more often we have gusts that tempt to blow the roof off. If you are from Norwood, you know that the wind will last until the snow is melted off the cone, usually mid June.




515087a6ba01e.image3. You can bank on the fact that we will get AT LEAST one more blizzard. Easter and Mother’s day plans are always depending on whether we will have a foot of snow or not.  


Spring time in colorado (3)

4. Mud…..Need I say more?

5. You have to dress in layers so you can strip them off through out the day. If you wear appropriate clothes in the morning, long sleeves and pants, you will be cooking by 2pm. All you want to wear is shorts and flip flops but those will have to wait. Love my hoodies!!


6. Baseball is in full swing and you need to be prepared for every weather possibility. It could be rainy, snowy, or 90 degrees but you can plan on the wind. The car is packed and prepared for anything, umbrellas, blankets, sunscreen….

Spring time in colorado (4)

7. Last but not least…. the lovely spring time allergies! Itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, nasal congestion, wheezing, all the lovely reactions some unlucky folks get from grass, weed, or tree pollen. I have to say I only have to deal with this in the mildest of forms but feel for serious allergy sufferers. 

As I said, spring is such a tease. One day you may have beautiful warm summer weather and you think this is it, we have made it through! But no, the next day you could be back to winter with a couple inches of snow. I know, I know, we need the moisture but I for one cannot wait for summer heat!

What’s your favorite, or not so favorite, thing about spring?

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