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For the Love of Baseball – Top 8 Reasons to Appreciate Baseball Mommas

We celebrated National Scrapbook Day this past weekend and while working on my boys’ sports pages, I realized how lucky I am that they are active in sports and I also decided we needed to be appreciated a little more for all us sports mommas do! It is hard work! Since it’s baseball season here are the top 8 reasons why we should be appreciated as baseball Mommas!

#1 – Baseball Mommas can throw a concessions stand together in no time and are always willing to sell hot dogs and hamburgers to a hungry crowd. When baseball moms hear that concessions is needed for a game they rally the troops, gather the materials and make sure no one is left hungry or thirsty for a home game.

#2 – Baseball Mommas know how to get grass stains out of anything! Including white pants! They have perfected the evening routine of cleaning uniforms to their former pristine condition despite the mud and grass stains, amazing coaches and players alike.

#3 – Baseball Mommas don’t even notice or care if one extra boy is around. They are used to at least 5 of them running around at all times of the day and they are always hungry. Baseball Mommas will keep the whole team fed, clothes cleaned and give them a nice place to sleep if they need it, without batting an eye. They have a safe space for team dinners, video games and overnights, and they drive vehicles big enough to hold them all.

#4 – Baseball Mommas have bleacher butt and yes that is a thing. They pack around chairs, towels, blankets and even plan what pants/shorts they will wear to try and make those bleachers just a little more comfortable for those 4 plus hours of watching their favorite team play baseball.

#5 – Baseball Mommas know how to doctor a concessions hamburger or hotdog to make it taste like a delicacy. After so many meals at the ball field and concessions food being their diet, they have perfected the art.

#6 – Baseball Mommas love sunflower seeds. They are the perfect tool to keep their mouths quiet when all they want to do is yell at the coach, ref or other parent for what ever crime they may have committed at the time, whether it be a bad call, benching their child or yelling at their favorite ball player. They also keep them from snacking unnecessarily since they get pretty nervous when their player is up to bat. And of course, Spits are the best.

#7 – Baseball Mommas have literally EVERYTHING in their vehicles or bags for EVERY eventuality. Rain? No problem. Snow? No problem. Heat? No problem. Headache? No problem. You need something, umbrellas, blankets, gloves, sunscreen, advil, they got it. Prepared for EVERYTHING!

#8 – Baseball Mommas love the last game of the season. Yes! They love watching their player and his teammates accomplish great goals but they also enjoy free time, not having bleacher butt and dinner that doesn’t include a paper plate and a small bag of chips. Some baseball mommas don’t even like being outside so they enjoy the moment when they are free to do some inside activities. They love traveling to far off places to play one or two very long games but they also love not filling their vehicle with gas every other day.

I know I appreciate all the baseball Mommas out there who keep my child when he wants to have an overnight, needs a ride to a game or practice, feeds or cheers for him when I am not able to be there or is my partner in a long double header. I have always said that it takes a village to raise good kids and I think baseball might be that village. Thank a baseball Momma!

Have any additions to my list? I would love to hear what you think.